Exams are over, now what? How to review exam season so you do better next time

Exams are over for the summer – yippee!

So, when your exams are over what the first things you think of doing? Sleeping? Partying? Burning your revision notes?

Well, once you’ve had a good sleep but before you’ve been to too many parties I want you to do this: review your exam season.

It may not sound very sexy, but just taking a few minutes to reflect on how your exams went and what you’d change about the way you studied could really make the difference next time around.

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Exam season in review

These are the questions you should be asking when you're reviewing your exam season.

No. 1 – What went well? What would you do the same next time?

Maybe you used some really good revision techniques that worked for you, you did loads of past exam questions or you really bottomed out the things you didn’t understand at the beginning of revision season.


Make a list of all the things that went well and what you’d do the same again next time.


No. 2 – What didn’t go well? What would you change next time?

Maybe, like 82% of the people who answered a recent twitter poll I did, you feel that you didn’t start revising early enough. Maybe you really struggled to maintain your stamina for revision because you didn’t take enough revision breaks. Maybe you spent hours in front of your desk feeling like nothing was going in.

If you're stuck for ideas on how to improve your exam preparation next time, check out my Exam Success resources page. There's loads there to get you started!

Write down the things that went badly and how you would change them next time around.


Keep your lists of what went well and what you’d change in a safe place so you can use them to make sure your revision goes even better next time you have exams.


I’d love to hear from you about what went well and what went badly. Just leave a comment below telling me one thing that went well and one thing you’d change next time around.


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