How to Revise for English Language GCSE (AQA)

how to revise for english language gcseIt's common to think that it's impossible to revise for an English language exam. After all, you can either read and write English or you can't.

Well, that's not quite true. In this video Mr Salles shows us all the tricks you need to know to get a grade 8 or 9 in GCSE English language. This video is specifically for people studying the AQA syllabus, but you'll get the point if you watch it. There are specific techniques you need to know, and practice, in order to excel in this exam.

I've said before, and I'll say it many more times, but accessing the top marks is all down to exam technique and this is the point that Mr Salles really hammers home in this video.

How to use this video

This video is 25 minutes long. However, if you're going to watch it properly and get the maximum out of it, you'll need to take more time than that. In the video, Mr Salles gives us a whistle stop tour of his guide to getting 100% in your AQA English literature. He encourages you to pause the video and take notes.

Warning: this video is not a sit back and enjoy it kind of video. It's all about engaging and taking action.

Grab a pad of paper, some flash cards and start watching.

How to revise for English language GCSE (AQA)

What next?

Grab your copy of:

  1.  The Mr Salles Guide to 100% in AQA English Language GCSE
  2. Mr Bruff's Guide to GCSE English Language

Then, get practising!

You might also want to check out this post to help with your English literature revision: How to memorise quotes for your closed book English exam.

Do you need more help revising for your GCSE English Language? If so, Mr Salles did an amazing masterclass which you can find inside The Extraordinaries Club, my online hub containing everything you need to improve your grades. One student when from a grade 6 to a grade 9 overnight when they just because they watched this masterclass.

 Click here to find out more about the masterclass and sign-up.

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