How to get ahead with your Easter holiday revision

how to get ahead with your Easter holiday revisionWhat are you plans for the Easter holidays? If you've got exams coming up in May and June I really hope that you've factored in plenty of time for revision. If you haven't (and you actually want to get some decent grades) then now is the time to change your plans!

In this post I'm going to be sharing with you exactly how to get ahead with your Easter holiday revision.

Easter Holiday Revision

1. Take time off

It might surprise you that an exam expert is advising you to take time off during the Easter holidays. However, it's been a long time since Christmas. You've probably had mock exams this term and the pressure has been mounting. It's still a fair while until exams are over in June and you need to pace yourself and build up your energy.

Choose how many days off you're going to take and what you're going to do on those days to make the most of them. I'd suggest anything up to four whole days off during the Easter holiday fortnight. Make the most of them.

2. Prioritise homework

It is probably the case that you're still being taught most of the subjects you're taking in your exams this year. If this is the case you need to prioritise doing the homework for these courses over revision.

3. Create an Easter holiday revision timetable

It's essential that you plan out your homework and revision so that you make the most of the time that you do spend studying. I've got a great post for you about revision planning called The Anatomy of a Revision Plan that gets Outstanding Results. Read it and act on that advice.

3. Plan in breaks

Breaks are vital to keep your brain working and to keep you emotionally and physically healthy. Here are thirty active revision break ideas for you that will refresh you for your next stint with the books.

4. Self-monitor your learning

As you're revising always be checking how successfully you are understanding and remembering what you're learning. You should be having this constant ‘meta' conversation with yourself in your head that goes something like:

“Is this going in? Am I understanding it? Can I remember it?”

“Yes! It's great! Well done you!”


“No, my brain is tired and my legs are twitching. I need to get out for a walk and some fresh air.”


“No, I can't remember a single thing I've read in the last 30 minutes. Maybe I should be revising in a different way?”

If you do feel like your revision techniques are a bit stale and not working for you then:

  1. Download this free chapter of my book, The Ten Step Guide to Acing Every Exam You Ever Take. It will help you to identify how you learning best. After going through the exercise in this chapter last year, one of my private clients got 10A*s and 2 As in her GCSEs – without making any revision notes!
  2. Check out this blog post about interesting and unusual ways to revise.

5. Do plenty of past papers

Past papers are the most important aspect of revision. They allow you to:

  • Check how well your content learning and understanding is really going
  • Practice your exam skills
  • See how the examiner really wants you to express what you know and understanding

If past papers are the most important aspect of revision, then the Revision Power Hour is the single best way to do them. Check out the Revision Power Hour right now and incorporate them into your revision plan.

This is your opportunity

These days students get few chances to set their own timetable and study independently. I personally feel that the removal of exam leave from most schools is a travesty. Teachers are spoon-feeding students to get them through exams and students aren't able to develop the independent study skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

However, you've got to deal with the reality of your situation.

This Easter holiday is probably the last time you'll have a stretch of time to yourself to use in the way that suits you best.

Make the most of it.

After all, your exam results are for you and no-one else. It is your responsibility to get the best grades you're capable of. Seize the opportunity of these two weeks with both hands. You can do this.

How are you going revise this Easter holiday?

In the comments below let me know how you're planning to revise this Easter. Have you made an Easter holiday revision plan? What are you doing on your days off? How are you going to stick to your plan?

Your guide to exam success

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