How to apply to Oxbridge and actually get in

Get into Oxbridge

Oxford and Cambridge are the best universities in the UK. It's official.

And you (or your child) have decided you want to study there. (Go you!)

You're clearly intelligent (after all you're getting straight As or even A*s). You also work blimmin' hard.

But what else do you need to do to get into Oxbridge, the UK's premiere universities and be the fellow alum of Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Emma Thompson and AS Byatt?

Well, I've got the complete low-down here for you.

How to get into Oxbridge

How to write a Cambridge Personal Statement (Interview with the Admissions Tutor of Newnham College, Cambridge)

What is really takes to get into Oxbridge – a guest post I wrote for the Huffington Post UK. One reader said:

“Nice piece, probably the best I've seen on the subject.” David Beeby

Oxbridge Interviews: what they’re really looking for (Interview with the Admissions Tutor of Homerton College, Cambridge)

How to Stand Out in an Oxford or Cambridge Personal Statement or Interview

Real Oxbridge Interview Questions Remembered by Successful Candidates

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