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[64] Should you let your child fail their mocks?

  Failure is a scary thing. I’m pretty sure that you’re listening to this podcast because it’s your deepest desire as a parent to help your child to succeed. But, I’ve seen parents contemplating what to many is the unthinkable in recent weeks: letting their children fail. Today, I’m going to talk about: Our heightened […]

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[63] How to entice teenage boys into a love of books, with Barbara Band

  How to entice teenage boys into a love of books Today I’m talking with my guest about how we can encourage teens, particularly boys, to not only read more, but learn to enjoy it.   About Barbara Band Barbara Band is an award-winning Chartered librarian with over twenty five years’ experience. Having worked in […]

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[62] Why revision is like music practice or sports training

One thing I hear repeatedly from students is that the revision techniques they have tried ‘don’t work’. When I dig a bit deeper, they’ll say something like, “I made a couple of flashcards but they didn’t help.” I then ask, “How many times did you look at them?” And they’ll say, “Oh, a couple of […]

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[60] Teen anxiety: tips for parents and students, with Alex Carling

  Teen anxiety: tips for parents and students Today we’re talking all about anxiety. I hear of a distressing number of students who experience anxiety and I wanted to get a guest in to help.   About Alex Carling Alex Carling is a qualified and practising psychotherapist who specialises in working with people with anxiety. She […]

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[59] Improving your child’s focus and concentration, with Dr. Thomas Dannhauser

Improving your child’s focus and concentration The ability to concentrate is the key factor in determining overall school, university, and career success. It is, therefore, crucial for health and wellbeing. About Dr. Thomas Dannhauser Dr. Thomas Dannhauser is a medically qualified consultant and research psychiatrist with more than 20 year’s clinical experience in the NHS, […]

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[58] Don’t let a learning difference stop you in your tracks with Elisheva Schwartz

Don’t let a learning difference stop you in your tracks Preparing for GCSEs and A Levels can be incredibly difficult for students with learning differences; the very real pressure to do well can have a detrimental effect. In this episode, I talk to Elisheva Schwartz about how she came to realise her own learning differences […]

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