Three Things to Expect in Year 10

Are you starting Year 10 and your GCSE studies? I bet you're feeling a little anxious about what to expect? Don't worry, I've got three great tips for what things to expect in Year 10, and how to deal with them.


Three Things to Expect in Year 10

There's no doubt that there's a shift in gears from Key Stage 3 to Year 10 and the start of GCSEs. However, with some planning and the right attitude to your learning, there's no reason why you shouldn't keep up. Here's what to expect in Year 10.

1.More homework

Until now, your homework has probably been somewhat sporadic, with some being given in some lessons and not others. Now you're in Year 10, you can expect more homework on a more consistent basis and, (and I'm not trying to scare you!) it will take longer to complete. The new GCSE syllabuses are crammed full of learning, and it's difficult for your teachers to fit all of this in during lesson time, so you'll probably find that some of the work will be covered by giving it as homework.

How can you cope with this?

You need to expect and accept it! It will be easier if you're mentally prepared for more regular and longer homework tasks. My top tip here is to plan and organise your time. Have a look at my post about the weekly routine of a straight ‘A' student for the best way to do this.

2. The pace of teaching will increase

There will be more information to cover in each subject, so you will find that your teachers are more focused so that they can get through everything on their lesson plan; there is no time to waste! They will want to be sure that you have understood the work before moving on.

How can you cope with this? 

Be ready to learn; this means turning up to lessons with the right attitude and the right equipment. Expect to concentrate and pay close attention. To see what equipment I recommend for your lessons, take a look at my post here.

If you have some learning differences, such as dyslexia or dyspraxia, for example, you may feel daunted at the prospect of a change of pace to your lessons. What will really help here is an open and honest conversation with your teachers about what will help you to keep up. Perhaps a printed lesson plan would help? If you need something, don't be afraid to ask! It will make both yours and your teacher's lives easier.

3. The difficulty increases

You will find in Year 10 that the work is harder. There's no getting away from it! Being pushed is how we grow and improve.

How can you cope with this?

Be focused, keep up with the pace and organise your time – do these things and you'll be fine! Don't be scared of the work – it won't change anything. You can do this!


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