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[38] How your child can get into a top American Ivy-League University with Veronica Moore

Some of the top universities in the world like Harvard, Princeton and Brown University are in the American Ivy-League. Parents and students in the UK often overlook the opportunity to apply for such a place because of costs, uncertainty of the application process, and so much more. On today’s show I speak with Veronica Moore, […]

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[37] Consistency: the key to excellent exam results

People often ask me what is ‘the one thing’ that it takes to achieve excellent exam results. In the past I’ve offered up answers such as: Determination Hard work Doing past papers But, actually all these things just help people to do the true ‘one thing’ that it takes to get amazing grades. What is […]

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[36] What no-one’s telling you about what GCSE and A Level examiners are really looking for

Today, I want to let you into a great, big, fat secret that your child’s teachers and their exam boards have been keeping from them. In fact, your own teachers and exam boards almost certainly kept it from you. I only found out this secret in the last few months from the little clues they […]

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[35] SPD: Dealing with heightened senses and Sensory Processing Disorder with Becky Lyddon

When we’re nervous we tend to fiddle – we want to be aware of our bodies to keep ourselves alert. For those who suffer from Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), senses are even more heightened so sufferers find alternative ways to calm and process their senses. SPD comes in many forms, including distorted hearing, sight and […]

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[34] “How can I help my child revise?”

As exam season looms ever closer you might be wondering how you can help your children to revise. Today, I’m going to highlight the five key areas in which you can offer your support with your child’s revision. “How can I help my child revise?” Motivation Motivation is key to successful revision. Your child needs […]

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