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[21] How to set meaningful goals with your children with Shola Alabi

Have you ever spotted gaps in your child’s knowledge or weaknesses in their skills? Have you wondered what you can do about it without upsetting them? In this episode of The School Success Formula, qualified teacher, owner of two tutoring centres and author Shola Alabi explains to us how to set meaningful goals for our […]

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[20] Start Your Career Right with Alex Webb

Are you wondering how your child is successfully going to make the transition from education to the workplace? In this episode of The School Success Formula I talk to Alex Webb, co-founder of Flying Start XP about how to develop the skills that are valued in the workplace and aren’t taught in school. About Alex […]

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[19] Dyslexia: How to support a child with Dyslexia with Debbie Abraham

Have you got a child with dyslexia? Or, maybe you suspect that your child has dyslexia and you don’t know how to help them. Understanding what dyslexia and knowing how to get a diagnosis are the first steps on your journey as a parent of a dyslexic child. However, you will also need to know […]

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[18] Supporting a child with Asperger’s Syndrome with Zoe Short

In this episode of The School Success Formula, Zoe Short, a former Further Education teacher and mother of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome explains how to support a child with special educational needs from both sides of the fence. Zoe shares some really great tips on how to build relationships with your child’s teachers, what […]

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[17] Homework: what it’s for and how to approach it

Homework is a sticking point for many families, students, teachers and schools. In this episode of The School Success Formula I’m going to talk about: The purpose of homework How to get the most out of it How to approach homework How to manage homework What you should expect from the school in terms of […]

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[16] How to successfully transition to university level study with Rachael Lamb

In this episode of The School Success Formula I interview Rachael Lamb about how students can make a smooth and stress-free transition from college to University. In this episode, we dispel some of the myths about starting university, and cover the key differences between A level and degree level study and the three essential elements […]

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[15]How to use the senses for deeper learning and better memory with Joanna Grace

In this episode of The School Success Formula, I am talking to Joanna Grace about how to use the senses for deeper learning and better memory. Joanna Grace is an international sensory engagement and inclusion specialist, trainer, author and founder of The Sensory Projects. Consistently rated as Outstanding by Ofsted she taught in mainstream and […]

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[14] Does your child need a private tutor with Adam Muckle

Have you ever considered employing a subject tutor for your child? In this episode of The School Success Formula I discuss the whole business of private tutoring with Adam Muckle, the president of The Tutors’ Association. Primarily we focus on the question, ‘Does your child need a private tutor?’ but we cover many other aspects […]

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[13] How to support your teenager at the start of the school year

We’re still very early in the academic year so I thought that now would be a good time to share some ideas about how to support your teenager to make sure that they’re getting off to a good start. If you help them to lay good foundations for academic work now the effects will last […]

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