How to use post-it notes for revision

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How to use post-it notes in your revision

Post-it notes can be used in lots of creative ways to really help you with your revision.

In this video I’m going to show you five ways to use post-it notes to supercharge your revision. They are:

  1. Boost your memory
  2. Look, cover, say and write
  3. Test your sequencing
  4. Create a mind map
  5. Make essay plans

Watch video: How to use post-it notes for revision

How to use post-it notes

1. Write difficult to remember, facts, quotes or formulae on different coloured notes for each subject, like these ones from Ryman. Stick them where you’ll see them e.g. around the bathroom mirror or on the back of the loo door

2. Use post-its for look, cover, say, write on your revision notes or revision posters

3. Test your sequencing using post-it notes e.g. the correct order for a process in science or geography e.g. mitosis or the formation of a stack

how to use post-it notes for studying

4. Use your post-its to create a mind-map. Write down what you know about a topic on post-its. Then arrange them on a wall or large piece of paper, like this one from Ryman, to explore your ideas.

5. You can even use sticky notes to practice making essay-plans. Take the notes from your mind-map, or create new ones to play around with the order of your points (more detail in the video).

6. Marking your textbooks to keep track of important pages and information.

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A note for parents

Please share this blog post and video with your child so that they can learn how to use post-it notes to help them revise. Remember, you can buy all the materials you can see in the video from Ryman's website or from one of their high street stores.

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A big thank you to Ryman for providing the stationery for me to make this blog post and video – it wouldn't have been possible without their support

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