7 signs you might be revising the wrong way and what to do about it

The pressure is immense. Your teachers aren’t only doing revision in every lesson you go to, they’re putting on extra revision sessions outside normal school hours. All your school assemblies seem to emphasise how important the next few weeks of your life are, and how hard you should be working. Your parents nervously ask you […]

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Mapping a path to exam success: When should I start to revise + other revision questions answered

This is the third post in a three part series. Read Part 1 and Part 2 first. Since publishing my first post (about revision planning) on this blog less than a month ago I’ve been inundated with questions from people like you about their revision. I’ve been absolutely delighted to receive all your messages and to […]

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7 Smart Strategies to Turn Distractions into Incentives and Get Your Revision Done

You’re full of good intentions. You’ve created a kick-ass revision plan fully personalised to your revision needs. You’ve bought a new set of highlighters, 500 index cards and a pristine new pad and folder for your revision notes. You’ve even found some gorgeous folder dividers to divide your revision notes up into subject areas. It’s […]

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