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[11] Successfully stepping up to the sixth form with Martin Griffin

In this episode of The School Success Formula I interview Martin Griffin, a former Head of Sixth form with twenty years of teaching experience and co-author of The A-Level Mindset about how students can successfully make the notoriously tricky transition from GCSE studies to studying for their A Levels.     What we cover in […]

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[10] The Ultimate Guide to the Academic Year: What Parents Should Expect When and Why

When you’re supporting your child to achieve their full potential at school it’s really helpful to understand the shape and dynamics of the academic year. It’s really all about long-term time-management – knowing what they should be doing and focusing on in each season of the school year. In this episode of The School Success […]

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[9] Overcoming Barriers to learning with Sheila Mulvenney

In this episode of The School Success Formula I interview Sheila Mulvenney about overcoming barriers to learning. Barriers to learning come in many different forms, from temporary emotional upsets to long-term special educational needs such as dyslexia. In this episode we cover a broad range of barriers to learning and talk about what parents can […]

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[8] Laughter is the Best Medicine with Katie Rose White

Do you ever feel like life is just a bit too serious? I know I do. What with so much pressure to do well at school, so many exams and the pressures of constantly being attached to social media (as well as all the usual angsty teen stuff) life for teens is harder than I […]

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[7] Resilience, Wellbeing and Success with Elizabeth Wright and Frederika Roberts

In this episode of The School Success Formula I interview not one, but two incredible guests, Frederika Roberts and Elizabeth Wright of RWS. Our first guest, Frederika Roberts, based on her experience as the mother of children with severe heart conditions, left a successful recruitment career to become a happiness and resilience speaker, author and […]

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[6] Inspiring creativity to support academic success with Gill Pawley

One of the biggest barriers I see to top level exam performance is under-developed writing skills. I particularly see this in the young men that I work with, but I also see it in girls. That’s why I invited Gill Pawley onto The School Success Formula to talk about how to encourage your teenager to […]

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[5] What should your teen do in the summer holidays?

With the summer holidays upon us you might be wondering exactly what your teen should be doing for the next six weeks. Should they be chilling out and building their stamina for the academic year ahead, or should they carry on studying to ensure their success once they go back to school? In this solo […]

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[4] How to manage your teens’ behaviour with Anne Goldsmith

In this episode of The School Success Formula I interview Anne Goldsmith.  Anne is a qualified teacher, a Positive Behaviour Consultant, a Parenting Coach and the mum of a fourteen year old boy and eleven year old daughter. Her business, Behaviour First Consultancy, solves the problem of challenging behaviour in schools and homes creating happy […]

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[3] How to thrive in the jobs market after leaving school with Barry Jackson

Our guest today spent many years in the pharmaceutical business, both in sales and in setting up clinical trials, including a project set up to find the solutions to the MRSA super bug. In recent years his attention has turned to helping young people access the jobs market. On his website, aspire-academy.net, he relates the […]

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[2] What makes a supportive parent?

 In this episode of The School Success Formula I discuss what it means to be a Supportive Parent. What I cover in the episode The best ways in which a parent, in my view, can support their child through education. These include: Guidance – giving advice and steering your child towards the best choices for […]

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