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Real Oxbridge Interview Questions Remembered by Successful Candidates

The best way to prepare for any interview is to anticipate the questions you’ll be asked. Oxbridge interview questions range from the generic “Why do you want to study blah?” and “What’s your greatest weakness?” (more on these here) to the specific. In this post I’m sharing some questions that successful Oxbridge applicants remember being […]

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Oxbridge Interviews: what they’re really looking for (Interview with the Admissions Tutor of Homerton College, Cambridge)

Oxbridge interviews are full of mystique. You hear alarming stories of things being thrown at candidates to see how they react. There are rumours of outright craziness from candidates like the time an Oxford interviewee was asked ‘What is courage?’. They replied ‘This,’ and walked straight out of the room. These stories can fill the […]

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